Loan Sizing and Loan Origination Support
  • CMBS loan origination and detailed underwriting by analyzing the property operating performance, tenant analysis, borrower analysis and loan analysis.

  • Incorporating and analyzing property operating statements and performing re-underwriting based on cash-flow analysis.

  • Loan Sizing includes pre-screening underwriting.

Asset Summary Report and Loan Application Preparation
  • Market Summary Write-up

  • Loan Summary Write-up

  • Property Summary Write-up

  • Roll-over analysis

  • Strength/Weakness analysis

  • Incorporating other additional annexure if required by clients

Asset Summary Reports strengthen the due-diligence process and provide the management/lender with summary of all crucial aspects about the borrower and property, helping them make informed decisions.

During the preparation of Asset Summary Reports, a checklist for all the required documents are maintained and followed. All the leases are abstracted in house and financial information is populated in client excel model.

Detailed analysis of property, neighbourhood, market and third part reports is performed and all other material points are considered and incorporated in the report.

Detailed SWOT analysis is performed on property, loan and borrower level.

Expertise with all types of Commercial properties.

Services include DCF model creation, conversion, updates & audits as well as electronic creation of models utilizing data from other systems. Various reports and schedules are available as end product such as Cash flow, tenant roll-over, operating income expenses and others.

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